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Program Information

Four-Year Program

The Four-year Program consists of the Basic Course (first two years) and the Advanced Course (second two years). University academic credit is earned for all coursework satisfactorily completed.

Basic Course 

The Army ROTC Basic Course is comprised of the first two years, four semesters of Army ROTC. The classes consist of AMS 101/102 (freshman) and AMS 201/202 (sophomore). The uniqueness of the Basic Course is that there is no military commitment. The course is taken like any college course. Students are not, for instance, required to wear uniforms to class or have military haircuts. The Basic Course is designed to introduce the student to basic military concepts and foundations of leadership, while at the same time having fun. Class activities include learning basic Soldier skills. Leadership Lab activities include rappelling, marksmanship, land navigation, and other training activities. Extracurricular events within the program include; Ranger Challenge, Color Gaurd, as well as other community events the Cadets participate in. Although commitment to the program is not required while attending the Basic Course, students can commit and contract early as long as they meet all contracting requirements. They must also be recommended by the Professor of Military Science. During this time the student may have the opportunity to apply and compete for a Federal Scholarship offered by Army ROTC prior to contracting. If a student does not contract while attending the Basic Course, they will be accessed once they complete the Basic Course prior to the following fall semester by the Army ROTC staff, to determine their illegibility to continue into the Advance Course. 

Advanced Course 

The Army ROTC classes include; AMS 301/302, and AMS 401/402. Students participating in the Army ROTC Advance Course include all those who have either successfully completed the Basic Course, have been through basic training, or receive advanced placement credit. The last two years of the program are designed to prepare the student for a career as an officer in the United States Army. Entry into the Advanced Course is a joint decision by the student for a career as an officer in the United States Army. Entry into the Advanced Course is a joint decision by the student and the Department of Military Science. To gain acceptance into the Advanced Course, a student: be of sound moral character, a U.S. citizen under 31 years of age (waiver), they must have a cumulative GPA of at least 2.00 and be medically qualified. They must also be recommended to contract by the Professor of Military Science. Students entering the Advanced Course must contract before the last add/drop date of the Fall semester. If the student has completed all requirements and is awaiting results, they may be "conditionally contracted". Once the results are identified and the student is qualified, they can then contract. Once a Cadet contracts, either scholarship or non-scholarship, they will start to receive a Cadet Stipend of $420.00 a month for the months they are in school. The summer between a Cadet's Junior and Senior year, they will attend Advance Camp. Advance Camp is a 37-day course at Fort Knox KY. Advance Course is an overall evaluation of a Cadet's leadership potential. The Cadets will be placed in various leadership roles, as well as varying conditions. All Cadets must attend the Army ROTC Advance Course, as it is a commissioning requirement prior to entering the Army as an Officer. 

Simultaneous Membership Program

This program is open to students in the Advance Program. It enables them to remain a member of, or join a local Army National Guard or U.S. Army Reserve unit as officer trainees while attending college. Pay through either of these units is based on that of a Sergeant E5.  See the Enrollment Officer or call your local National Guard/Army Reserve recruiter for details.