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Army ROTC Scholarship

Army ROTC is one of the best leadership courses in America and we’re looking for scholars, athletes and leaders to become future Army officers. The program is based on college electives and activities that you take right along with your other classes.  But ROTC is like no other class you’ll take.

In Army ROTC, you develop your leadership abilities.  There are activities such as rappelling and survival training to help increase your self-confidence and discipline. Your studies may include time management, communications, and small-group decision-making. Ultimately, you’ll learn about the Army and what it takes to become an officer.

Army ROTC Scholarships are available to those students that have performed at a high level and have demonstrated leadership potential.  Either as a high school student, or as an enrolled Cadet. These scholarships are awarded based on the student’s merit, not financial need.

Army ROTC scholarships consist of:

  • Two-, three-, and four-year scholarship options based on the time remaining to complete your degree
  • 100% tuition/fees OR room/board ($10,000.00 a year max)
  • $600 per semester book allowance ($1,200.00 a year max)

A high school student may apply as a senior through the National Scholarship Process using the following link:

For current enrolled Cadets who are interested in a possible ROTC scholarship, contact Mr. Lewey, the Recruiting Operations Officer at 618-530-5792 or

Army ROTC also provides monthly living allowances (Cadet Stipend) to contracted Cadets for each school year. These monthly stipends are $420.00 a month, and are only offered during the months that classes are in session.

Tuition Waivers

Southern Illinois University Army ROTC receives 40 Illinois State Tuition Waivers for each of the Fall and Spring semesters every year.  If awarded, 100% tuition and the General Activity fee will be waived for that semester.  The State of Illinois mandates Army ROTC award 10 per Military Science class.  Applications are distributed the first week of each semester and waivers are awarded mid-semester.  If awarded, commitment is to the Army ROTC Program for that semester; NOT to the Army.

Eligibility Requirements

All students pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree who are residents of the state of Illinois, registered with Selective Service, and satisfy the criteria in a through h below are eligible to apply for this scholarship. Illinois ROTC programs will not award unused waivers to students who do not meet the eligibility requirements. Please see the IL Scholarship Standard Operating Procedure for more details along with the Illinois Code.

Applications for each semester (Fall and Spring only) are due to Mr. Shannon Lewey, Kesnar Hall Room 116.

  1. Meet all academic requirements of their university and be eligible to meet all commissioning requirements (pre-qualify per AR 145-1) upon graduation and completion of Army ROTC.
  2. Complete all DODMERB exams within the second semester of being awarded this scholarship. This must be completed in order for this scholarship to be awarded in subsequent semesters.
  3. Maintain a minimum 2.0 cumulative GPA. Earn at least a 2.0 each semester and a 3.0 in Army ROTC. In the case of incoming freshmen who have not established a college GPA, the minimum standard is a 2.5 high school GPA and a score of 19 on the ACT.
  4. Be a resident of the state of Illinois.
  5. Students will achieve a score of 60 points in each event on the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) by the end of the first semester that the scholarship is awarded and maintain a score of 60 points in each event for every subsequent semester that the scholarship is awarded.
  6. Be in compliance of the Army height/weight/body fat standards or show progress toward attaining the standards. Acceptable progress will be determined by the Professor of Military Science (PMS).
  7. Enroll in an Army ROTC course as a cadet.
  8. Attendance
  • Attend at least 95% of all required physical training, including APFT sessions.
  • Attend at least 95% of all required classes and labs.
  • Participate in the Field Training Exercise (FTX) for that semester unless excused in advance by the PMS

Living Learning Community (LLC), Room and Board ScholarshipsSIU Army ROTC LLC Flyer

Army ROTC offers students the opportunity to live with “like minded” individuals by providing a Living Learning Community (LLC) on campus. This allows Cadets to live together who shared similar goals and interests. This allows for the development of life-long friendships, as well as comradery within the program.

Students who live on campus in the Living Learning Community have an opportunity to receive an Army ROTC Room and Board Scholarship. This Room and Board Scholarship is valued at $4000.00 a year.